My Story

Hi, I'm Paul Snow, the creator and founder of ZUP2U. I extend a warm welcome and express my gratitude for your visit.

My life's journey and my deep-rooted desire to help others have fueled my commitment to empower you to unleash the superpower of being your authentic self. 

Many of us find ourselves pretending to be someone we're not, navigating the fine line between fitting in and fearing the judgment of others. I've experienced this struggle for years and continue trying to keep it in check.

As children, we were TAUGHT to fit in; when we got older, we were TOLD we didn't stand out enough. Please read that again and let it sink in.  

This conflicting message often leaves us questioning whether we should blend in or stand out, creating a constant internal struggle.

If you're like me, when you look back on your childhood, your parents (or any authority figure) taught you how important it was to get along with other kids and fit in with the group. But you are told you don't stand out enough as you age. 

OK, which is it?

Should I fit in or stand out? Now, you can see why so many people may struggle to be themselves.

In my quest to discover my superpower of authenticity, I delved into introspection, scrutinizing the most impactful moments that shaped me. 

What emerged was a profound realization of my purpose—to inspire, encourage, and guide others, providing them with the tools and confidence to overcome life's challenges.

This journey led me to reflect on pivotal experiences, starting with my placement in special education during elementary school. The ensuing isolation and ridicule fueled my self-doubt, a struggle I continue to navigate today. 

Seeking acceptance, I immersed myself in sports, particularly hockey, finding solace in a community that valued my contributions. Despite the eventual end of my hockey career, I am grateful for the acceptance it provided. 

Life's unpredictability took a poignant turn when, at the young age of nine years old, I witnessed the suicide of a friend's mother. 

My friend and I went to her house to ask her mom if she could swim with us. I opened the laundry room door to find her mother hanging; she had taken her own life. I can recall almost every detail like it was yesterday, but it's been over forty years. 

Tragically, this theme persisted with the loss of two friends to suicide in my early teens and the ongoing battle my mother faced with alcoholism.

My mother's struggle and near-death experience underscored the severity of addiction, a realization that shaped my understanding of this pervasive disease. It was so difficult watching my mother battle alcoholism; she was in and out of rehab for years. 

My father was at work and had this feeling that his father (who passed many years before) urged him to go home and check on my mom. He did, found her unresponsive and almost dead. She was rushed to the hospital; the doctor told my father she would have died if he hadn't checked on her.  

Ironically, my father had packed a bag that morning with no intention of going home because he felt he could no longer help her. 

Shortly after, my mother went into treatment and was sober for 14 years until she passed away due to heart surgery complications.

Over two decades ago, I had no idea life was about to be turned upside down and that I would never be the same person again. My life took another unexpected turn with the onset of Doree's illness. Her battle with rhabdomyosarcoma, a rare and aggressive form of cancer, was a harrowing 11-month journey that ultimately ended with her passing in my arms.

Sharing these experiences is not for your sympathy but rather to provide perspective. I acknowledge that everyone faces their own challenges, and if my story resonates with you, I invite you to connect if you feel I can help you embrace your superpower. Schedule a 15-minute call, and let's chat. 

Thank you for your time and consideration.

Paul Snow





For years I lived in fear and judgment of others, and that's why I created this free 9-things to help you embrace your superpower of being yourself because I know how difficult it is when you're afraid of being judged by others.




I created this free Vision Board because it's one thing to talk about wanting to live a better life; it's another to put it on paper and hold yourself accountable for your dreams and aspirations.