Focus on your strengths, not your weaknesses.

Hey you, yes you. I want to let you in on a secret that will help you focus on your strengths.

Shhhh..... It's a secret....We all suck at something.

Let me repeat it, WE ALL SUCK AT SOMETHING.

You may be asking yourself, why is he telling me this?

I’m telling you because it’s true, and we tend to forget we cannot be good at everything and that’s ok. 

The time is now to start focusing on your strengths and something you enjoy instead of what you don’t enjoy because someone else says you should.

I see it all the time. People are focusing on their weakness instead of their strengths to fit in with the group. The result is causing an adverse effect and impact on their life because they’re not true to themselves. 

Does that sound like you? 

What I'm saying is it’s hard to stay positive in anything if you’re not happy with what you are doing and always complaining. 

I’m speaking from experience and want you to learn from my mistake because it’s no fun to be there.  It’s not easy to stop, but the good news is you can if you truly want to.

I’m sure you’ve heard the term “it’s like trying to fit a square peg in a round hole.” It just won’t fit. Yet, we continue to try and “fit” ourselves into a place where we don’t belong.

Why do we torture ourselves like that?

There are many reasons; here are a few that I’ve experienced. If you’ve experienced others, please feel free to share.  

Peer pressure – We’ve all been there; everyone is putting pressure on you to do something they think you should do. At the end of the day, if you don’t like what you are doing, the pressure will only make it worse.

Comfort zone– Seems easier to stay where you are than to start something new. After all, you are not happy with what you are doing, but it’s easy, and you have a few good days that make you feel comfortable. I lived this one, and I’m not happy I did because I didn’t do myself any favors by staying. 

Afraid of change – Change can be challenging for a lot of people; however, change is constant.  When you think about it, the only thing in life that doesn’t change is the fact things will change. So, the sooner we become comfortable with change, the better off we will be.

Pleasing someone else - We want to please someone else and put ourselves on the back burner. Whether it’s your parents, friends, or spouse you are trying to please, you need to understand the only one that can make you happy is you. The time to start putting yourself first is now, let them know your true feelings, and ask for their support. 

Life is too short not to put yourself first, but people are choosing to please someone besides themselves every day.

You must understand you cannot (or be expected to) be good at everything, and the sooner you embrace that, the better off you will be.

I’m not saying we shouldn’t work on our weaknesses.

Quite the contrary, I’m saying to focus on your strengths while working on the things you want to work on. This will ensure you are at your best when learning something new.

We tend to follow the masses instead of truly doing what we want or enjoy. I’ve been guilty of that myself.

One thing to keep in mind, work on what you want to, not what someone else thinks you should. They care a lot more about themselves than they do you, so do what you want to!

How can you focus on your strengths and start to put yourself first?

Grab a pen and paper; it will help you write these down and circle back them as often as you need. Trust me on this one.

First, understand and embrace your strengths.

We all have an idea of our strengths and what we enjoy. If you’re struggling, ask your friends and family what they think your strengths and why. 

Here is something that may help you, what is something you cannot seem to get off your mind or stop talking about to whoever is willing to listen.

Write at least three things but no more than five that you enjoy doing or bring you happiness. Word of caution, don’t overanalyze your first instinct is usually correct; go with it.

Second, why do you enjoy it?

Is this something that comes naturally to you, challenges you, or something you’ve become good at over time.  Be sure it’s something you want to do and not something someone else wants you to do. I cannot stress that enough.


Third, stop giving a shit about what other people think.

Everyone has an opinion, and it’s just that, their opinion. Do what makes you happy, you and only you can take care of yourself. If someone in your life doesn’t understand or accept it. Do you want them in your life if they can support you who are?

Four, what drives you?

Something is driving you, it could be an internal passion you have, or maybe it’s a feeling you get when you do this. It could be a family tradition that is important to you, and you want to carry the torch.

Five, Using the list above.

Ask yourself what’s holding you back from going after what you want, and write them down.  It’s crucial to be honest with yourself and don’t sugar coat it.

Now that you know what’s holding you back, you can do something about it. Going through this exercise is an excellent first step. Now you have to hold yourself accountable.

After all, you are doing this to make yourself happy. Can you think of anyone more important than you? I didn’t think so!

I’m very passionate and committed to working out regularly. What drives me to work out 5 to 6 times a week at 5:00 am is how it makes me feel during my workout and after I am done. It allows me to put life’s stresses away for an hour or so while giving me a sense of accomplishment.

I’ve been doing this for over 25 years, my friends and family always wonder how and why I still do it. I tell them because it’s something I love to do and I’m good at it. It simply makes me happy, so I make the time to do it.  

So, when I have a stressful day, you might even find me at the gym twice that day because focusing on what I’m good at helps me deal with the challenges in my life. 

Thank you for taking the time to read my post.


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